Our members now:
György Kantár (bass)
Gergő Kovács (guitar)
Dániel Szöllősi (vocals, guitar)

We are looking for a new drummer!

Our members in 2014:
György Kantár (bass)
Gergő Kovács (guitar)
Dániel Szöllősi (vocals, guitar)
Róbert Várkonyi (drums)


After Laszlo Bagi left to Egypt to become a true warrior, we started our search for our new drummer. At long last we found one of the worlds best drummer, Robert Varkonyi, who is well known among the undergrounders of Szekesfehervar through his bands NoTs and Secans. And also as we have just finished the second EP (Symbols), which we’ll be promoting with many many concerts, we placed the last milestone for the whole album… 


Our bands history starts in the September of 2008 at Székesfehérvár, when Goerge Kantár J(Bass), Gergő Sövény (guitar) and Laszlo Bagi (drums, percussion) formed then death metal band Duath. For a short time they were accompanied by Péter „Kápi” Káposztás as vocalist, and with his help the band recorded their first demo – which you can still listen to on the page myspace.com/duathband.

In the fall of 2009 the band found its current singer, Daniel Szöllősi. With his joining the  overall sound and the music’s atmosphere has changed greatly even streching the style and genre boundaries. As a consequence of this we felt the need for a name change so we bacame Eclipse of the Sun.In March 2010 our band gained a new member, Zoltan Fekete as solo guitarist.After his arrival we started serious rehearsing and music writing, and as a result we started the studioworks for our first official EOTS material which we finished in the spring of 2011. This five track demo represents the band members complex but somewhat diverse concept, as the musical worlds of doom, power and death metal collide with a bit of eastern melodies and some keyboard spicings.(Naturally we weren’t just after the inside value (even though the CD came out in a limited number), we aimed to create a full picture of who we are and what we do. On the two sides of the cover and on the disk you can see three tipes of fantasy eclipse’s) We try to achieve a high standard music comparing to our favourite bands, not just to create a work, which we also love tol isten to.   

Dániel Szöllősi - vox, guitar
Zoltán Fekete - guitar
György Kantár - bass
Róbert Várkonyi - drums, percussion