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Eclipse of the Sun - Daimonion (LP, 2015)
   1. Ecce homo (Szöllösi)
   2. Between the ruins (Szöllösi, Fekete)
   3. Blinding darkness (Szöllösi, Fekete, Kantár / Fekete)
   4. Requiem for the living (Song of Dan Ibiru) (Szöllösi)
   5. Hollow (Szöllösi)
   6. Memory Breed (The dark ride) (Szöllösi, Fekete)
   7. Daimonion (Szöllösi)
   8. The purge (Szöllösi, Fekete)
   9. Sprachlos und kalt (Szöllösi)
   10. Tryptichon:
   - Now (Kantár)
   - Never (Szöllösi, Fekete)
   - Ever (Szöllösi)

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  Eclipse of the Sun - Symbols (EP 2012)
    1. Blinding darkness
    2. Roads
    3. Collide
    4. Roads  (acoustic - bonus version)

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  Eclipse of the sun - Eclipse of the sun 2011

     1. Duath (intro)
     2. Ehnaton
     3. Nectar
     4. Masquerade
     5. Talisman          

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  Eclipse of the Sun - 2008-2013.

A compilations with live, demo and extra songs from our first six years.
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  Cathedrals of Doom (2013)

An international doom metal compilation „Cathedrals of Doom” has been released on 13th December - thanks to common work of 5 outstanding doom metal bands. 9 long, magical and doomy songs. If you like demanding, exciting metal and you are open to the world, all you have to do is download our free compilation!


  Hands of Doom Compilaton vol. IV. (2014)

A stoner/sludge/doom metal compilation from the hungarian blog Hands of doom. We are glad to be on it with our Masquerade song.