2015. 08. 14.

We gladly announce that after years of hard work we finished the recording and mixing our concept album. The album, what we are already immensely proud of, got the name Daimonion, and holds the following tracks

1. Ecce homo
2. Between the ruins
3. Blinding darkness
4. Requiem for the living (Song of Dan Ibiru)
5. Hollow
6. Memory Breed (The dark ride)
7. Daimonion
8. The purge
9. Spachlos und kalt
10. Tryptichon

We tried to show every facet of our eclectic musical style, and we managed to make a versatile record, in which every metal fan can find his favorite: from the menacingly flowing death metal, through the fast power metal, to the funeral doom. We hope, that the already revealed teaser takes everyone liking:


During the times of the compilation Cathedrals of Doom we found the world of the photographer Emese ‘Durcika’ Laki, and it was a love of first sight, so there was no question about using her work again as our cover.

Furthermore, our EP titled Symbols was only a digital release, the Daimonion will be released on CD and it will be available in a stylish cross shaped pen drive. Information about this releases will be presented on our Facebook site: www.facebook.com/eclipseofthesunband

If you want to preorder any of these contact us via e-mail!

2014. 10. 18.

Our friend Zoltán Fekete left our band this year, in the last months we played on concerts with our new guitarrist, Gergő Kovács.

The writing of debut album is in progress. We have a lot of songs, more than we need. :)

The leader blog of hungarian doom metal Hands of doom made a compilaton, and our song Masquerade is on it. You can find this compilation under MUSIC menu.

You can find there a compilation with our live, demo and extra songs too. Download it free and enjoy! :)

2013. 12. 13.

An international doom metal compilation „Cathedrals of Doom” has been released on 13th December - thanks to common work of 5 outstanding doom metal bands. 9 long, magical and doomy songs. If you like demanding, exciting metal and you are open to the world, all you have to do is download our free compilation!

Official homepage:


2013. 08. 01.

As we think we managed to achieve quite a lot this year (second place on a national talent spotter; concert on big festivals with bands such as Gojira, Bullet for my Valentine or Nevergreen; and last but not least more and more people from abroad spot us), We are happy to announce, that we decided that we would summerize our efforts and close an era.
In consequence we made all our stuff free to download! If you haven't had the chance to listen to our music this is a a great opportunity, you just have to click on the Discography icon.

But that's not all:

We made a coupon that is available to those who come to our concerts or to metal converts where we go
This coupon contains a code that can be used to download a little pack (HERE) we put together from our releases and some nice extras we made during our years - to give you some examples: a complete bootleg album from our live concerts materials, the first demo back from the days when the band was named Duath; and alternative song versions, etc.
We hope that You all will like this little pack as much as we do!

And of course we should not forget that we've had the opportunity to give an interview to Hungarys leading metal paper Hammer World!
This is also another milestone! If you'd like to read it just click on the Press menu!

2013. 04. 08.
Some happenings from the last couple of weeks:

You may find a new slideshow video on our Youtube channel, which we made for the song "Blinding Darkness". Watch it and share it with everyone!

Although we have tons of work on our necks, we can say that the debut albums works are going on nice and smoothly.

Unfortunately, we had some problems during the weekend - as Gyuri managed to break his arm -, we are organising as many concerts as we can and we'll smash on the stage as soon as we can.

Though most of the times we are quite rejective towards talent scouting  here in Hungary, we have entered a few, as we think that maybe now there's a wind of change blowing on this scene and its worth a try, here are some:
we'll soon know if we can play on "Talentométer", and if the Jury holds us worthy enough we'll play at Éter Festival as well. Of course there's a chance of audience voting in both cases, so if you'd like to make shure you see us on either of the two please vote on us!

New concerts and reviews on the website! Check them!



We’re happy to announce our new band member: Robert Várkonyi (NoTs, Secans) who will take up Laszlo Bagi’s duties on drums (who is now diving in Egypt). And of course we’d like to say thanks to Laci for everything that he’d done for the band! PS.: Please don’t drown! (at least not too early;)) 

Our new EP is out! You can listen to it online on Soundcloud or download it under the Discography menu!
We deceided not to force the CD format, so in case you want to have one you can easily print the cover, which we included in the downloadable format. The concept itself is greyscale so its printable even with a black-and-white printer J. We hope a lot of you will choose this solution! ;)
And of course you can buy our 2011 CD’s for a minimal price on the shows (and you can also write us and we’ll send it via mail), even in a new split version (we’ll put both of the CD’s on one)! 

Check out the bands second interview! Dani was interogated by Len (Blackbird) about the new EP. Click on the Press menu! ;)

We’re right now busy rehearsing for the upcomming shows so we can do our best on the shows! Hope to see you there and please check the Concerts menu for more details!